Draft Local Plan Update Consultation

This consultation running from Friday 28 May until Friday 6 August 2021 considers the first full draft of the updated East Riding Local Plan. It is an update of the East Riding Local Plan (adopted April 2016) and therefore a number of policies and site allocations remain unchanged.

What is the East Riding Local Plan Update consultation?

The East Riding Local Plan is the suite of documents that sets out the scale, location and infrastructure requirements of new development for uses such as housing, employment and open space over the next 15 years.  It sets out planning policies for the area and is a key driver in determining planning applications and development opportunities in the East Riding. 

This consultation considers the first full draft of the updated East Riding Local Plan. It is an update of the Local Plan adopted in 2016 and therefore a number of policies and site allocations remain unchanged.  This consultation is the second stage in updating the Local Plan, following an Options Document consultation and call for sites in 2018.

Documents that will be published for consultation and the council will be seeking comments on include the:

Draft Local Plan Strategy Document Update May 2021 (pdf 9.2mb) - sets out the updated planning policy approach for development in the East Riding. 

Draft Local Plan Allocations Document Update May 2021 (pdf 7.9mb) - sets out site specific policies and how the proposed draft allocated sites should be developed. 

Draft Local Plan Policies Map Update May 2021 - shows the location of proposed allocations set out in the Draft Allocations Document Update, including the development limits of settlements and areas that should be protected from development. Individual settlement pdf policy maps are available to download in the consultation document library. 

A user guide to assist with reading the Draft Local Plan Allocations Document Update has been provided and can be found in the document library below (search for 'user guide' or EB14' using the search box above the table of files) which also contains a range of other background and supporting information as part of the consultation exercise. 

Respond to consultation

What consultation events are being held?

Public drop-in events have now been arranged and it's your chance to come and speak to a planning officer about the Draft Local Plan Update consultation.

All attendees should adhere to Covid safety measures in place at each venue, which includes, but is not limited to, wearing face masks, hand sanitisation, social distancing, use of the Test and Trace app or sign-in sheet and following one-way systems.

You can attend scheduled drop-in events at the following locations:

1 July 2021 (12:00pm - 19:00pm) 
Bridlington Spa, South Marine Drive, Bridlington YO15 3JH.

5 July 2021 (12:00pm - 19:00pm)
Shire Hall, Howden, 13 Market Place, Howden DN14 7BJ.

8 July 2021 (12:00pm - 19:00pm)
Driffield Community Centre, Mill St, Driffield YO25 6TR.

12 July 2021 (12:00pm - 19:00pm)
The Courtyard, Goole, Boothferry Road, Goole DN14 6AE.

14 July 2021 (12:00pm - 19:00pm)
Beverley Leisure Centre, Flemingate, Beverley HU17 0LT.

20 July 2021 (12:00pm - 19:00pm)
Pocklington Arts Centre, 22-24 Market Pl, Pocklington, York YO42 2AR.

22 July 2021 (12:00pm - 19:00pm)
Withernsea Leisure Centre, 134 Station Road, Queen Street, Withernsea HU19 2QA.

26 July 2021 (12:00pm - 7:00pm)
Hessle Town Hall, South Lane, Hessle HU13 0RR

Where can I find out more information about key themes in the Draft Local Plan Update consultation?

A set of Information Pages has been produced which summarise the key themes of the Draft Local Plan Update: 

Land North East of Howden
Community and Infrastructure 

These pages take the reader through each of these themes and the key proposals relating to each. They signpost the reader to the relevant policies and their location in the Draft Local Plan Update documents and link to recommended further information. 

Why is the Local Plan being updated?

The council is required to review the Local Plan within five years of adoption. 

Given  recent changes in the new National Planning Policy Framework, issues identified in the inspector’s report from the examination of the adopted Local Plan and in light of the monitoring of current Local Plan policies and updates to the Evidence Base, an update is required at this stage. Further detail is provided in Chapter 1 of the above Draft Local Plan Strategy Document.

What has already been done as part of the Local Plan Update?

The first stage of Local Plan update was the Options Document consultation that took place in 2018. A series of questions and options were presented in the document and responses helped shape the Draft Local Plan Update alongside updated evidence work and a sustainability appraisal. More information can be found on our Options Document page.

The council also undertook a ‘call for sites’ during the consultation period. This process helped to identify potential sites that should be considered through the Local Plan update. These sites were assessed against the Site Assessment Methodology, which sets out the process the Council followed to assess and compare the suitability of potential development sites submitted to us.

Does the Local Plan propose to build more houses in the East Riding?  

The Draft Strategy Document Update sets out the framework for the scale and distribution of development required to meet the area’s needs to 2038/39.

To meet local housing needs and changes in the population, the Draft Strategy Document proposes an additional 20,900 new homes for the period 2020/21 to 2038/39 distributed across various locations around the East Riding.

The Draft Allocations Document Update presents preferred sites for allocation, identifying where existing sites will be retained, amended or de-allocated (removed). It also presents new sites that are required to meet the area’s needs or to replace existing allocated sites that are no longer thought to be developable, or are not as well suited compared to other sites promoted.

To accompany the Draft Allocations Document Update, a summary of the allocations by settlement has been produced: 

Summary of Allocations by Settlement (pdf 5.8mb)

This includes a table which summarises the proposed outcome for each settlement, setting out the number of new (if any) allocations in that settlement. The majority of settlements do not have any new allocations proposed.

For a full summary of the Draft Local Plan Update’s approach to delivering houses, view the Housing Information Page. 

Housing Information Page

What is the proposal for Howden?

Howden sits within a sub area that includes Goole. Goole would be expected to take a significant share of the area’s housing requirement but the risk of flooding (in planning terms) severely restricts the amount of housing that can be delivered there. Howden was considered alongside other settlements in the sub area, such as Snaith, Eastrington, and Pollington, and was selected as the most appropriate location for new development due to its size, level of services and facilities, connectivity and employment opportunities.

Proposals have been drafted to develop the area of land to the north east of Howden, between Station Road, Thorpe Road (A614) and the railway line. The proposals include new homes, employment land, local services, open spaces, a new road between Station Road and Thorpe Road, and car parking.

A full summary of the proposal can be seen on the ‘Land North East of Howden’ Information Page.

Howden Information Page

How were sites in the Draft Local Plan Update identified?

Sites that were submitted to us during the call for sites were assessed alongside the allocated sites in the adopted Local Plan. They were assessed using the Site Assessment Methodology, which sets out the process the Council followed to assess and compare the suitability of potential development sites submitted to us. The methodology considers a wide range of social, environmental and economic factors such as flood risk, infrastructure, biodiversity, ownership and character to assess whether a site is sustainable and deliverable.

The sites considered are available to view on the Draft Local Plan Update interactive policies map

The assessments of individual sites are detailed in separate documents as part of the sustainability appraisal of the Draft Allocations Document Update. These are also in the Document Library and are provided with the reference ‘SA03’. If you are looking for a site within a particular settlement you can search by that settlement. Please note that sites in settlements not within the 'Settlement Network' (see Policy S3 of the Strategy Document) have not been assessed. For a list of all the sites that have not been assessed in detail, please see the spreadsheet below which provides a brief reason why. 

List of sites/land bids rejected outside of the Settlement Network and not assessed in full (excel 28kb opens in new window)

How does the Draft Local Plan Update encourage economic growth?

The East Riding has a diverse economy, with a wide range of economic activities. The Draft Local Plan Update seeks to create a strong and diverse economy and covers a range of economic issues, including the allocation of employment land.

Economy Information Page

How does the Draft Local Plan Update address environmental issues? 

The Draft Local Plan Update seeks to retain and enhance the East Riding's high quality environment. It responds to environmental challenges with a series of policies to guide development. It also establishes an approach to managing environmental hazards. 

Environment Information Page

How does the Draft Local Plan Update seek to deliver and protect infrastructure, services and facilities?

The Draft Local Plan Update seeks to ensure good access to a range of infrastructure, services and facilities, an important factor in creating sustainable communities. It aims to ensure the delivery of adequate infrastructure, facilities and open space to serve development as well protecting existing assets.

Community and Infrastructure Information Page

Where can I view the Document Library?

The consultation Document Library includes the consultation documents, including printable policies maps for individual settlements, the Sustainability Appraisal (including, site assessments), recent evidence base and background documents. The document below details all the documents in the library and these can be accessed via the table below

Draft Local Plan Update May 2021 Document Library (pdf 89kb)

You can use the search box below to find a specific document using the document library reference or keyword. For example, to find the policies map or site assessments for Bridlington, simply type "Bridlington" into the search box. 

What are the next steps for the Local Plan update?

Responses to this consultation will be considered. These responses will help to finalise a revised ‘pre-submission’  Local Plan that will be consulted on and then submitted to the Secretary of State for examination. A review of the Local Development Scheme, which sets out the timetable for the Local Plan Update, is currently being produced and will be published in due course. 

How can I respond to the consultation?

This is your chance to have your say on the policies, sites and approach it proposes. The consultation period runs from Friday 28th May until Friday 6th August 2021. Please complete this electronic response form to comment on the consultation documents. The form is easy to use and allows you to comment on as many or few consultation documents as you wish, save your response and continue at a later date and upload supporting attachments.

Response Form

Alternatively you can comment on the consultation documents by writing a letter and sending it to:

Forward Planning (Room AS67), East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9BA. 

Please note electronic responses are our preferred method of contact. Electronic responses can be processed more easily, helping the next stage of the Local Plan Update to progress quickly. 

If you have any queries or wish to speak to a planning officer before submitting a response, please contact the Forward Planning team via email at forward.planning@eastriding.gov.uk or telephone on (01482) 391701. The telephone number provided is a dedicated line for consultation queries. If an officer is unavailable at the time of calling, please leave a message and we will get back to you. We look forward to receiving your response.

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