Local land charges and searches

Explains who maintains registers and provides the search service regarding local land charges and common land and village greens. When a search is required, cost of a search (to the public and the council), how the service works and who can use the service.

Local land charge services

The local land charges team provides the following services:

  • Maintains the Local Land Charges Register as required under the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and the Rules of 1997
  • Provides a comprehensive Local Land Charges search service which involves the completion and compilation of a Local Land Charges certificate and Form CON 29 for house and land purchases or re-mortgages within the whole of the East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Provides access to the Register for public inspection, (in particular for personal searches)
  • Maintains the Register of Common Land and Village Greens and provide access to the Register for searches and public inspection.

A Local Authority search is required in connection with the purchase of any land/property within the East Riding of Yorkshire. A search is usually instigated by a client's solicitor, but anybody can request one.

If you require information on potentially contaminated land, and other environmental issues, please see our land pollution page.

What it costs the council to carry out searches

Below are the total costs to the council for carrying out searches in the last financial year:

LLC1 Actual Costs 2018/19

Residential (70%) Commercial (30%) Total
Actual cost£84,136£36,357£120,493
Number of searches1,3265731,899
Actual fee£63£63


CON29 Actual Costs 2018/19

Residential (68%) Commercial (32%) Total
Actual cost £146,903£69,736£216,639
Number of searches1,1865631,749
Actual fee £124£124


LLC1 Estimate 2019/20

Residential (70%) Commercial (30%) Total
Projected income 19-20£39,780£22,920£62,700
Projecetd volumes 19-201,3265731,899
Projected fee 19-20£30£40


CON29 Estimate 2019/20

Residential (68%) Commercial (32%) Total
Projected income 19-20£118,600£67,560£186,160
Projecetd volumes 19-201,1865631,749
Projected fee 19-20£100£120


National Land Information

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is electronically linked to the National Land Information Service (NLIS). LLC1 and CON29 searches can be submitted to Local Land Charges using this service. The NLIS channel providers are:


Thames water property searches