Civil partnerships

If you wish to book, postpone or bring forward an existing booking please contact us:

Email: registration.service@eastriding.gov.uk

COVID-19 Service Information

Registration and Celebratory Service 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the East Riding Registration and Celebratory Service is operating on a reduced staffing level.

The service appreciates the difficult situation faced by the public, couples and venues, locally and nationally during these uncertain times and are doing their best to be as flexible as possible in all circumstances.

The service will be returning enquiries in order of the date received but we acknowledge our reduced staffing level could delay this process.

Marriage/civil partnerships 

During the second national lock-down the Government’s guidelines for civil marriages and civil partnerships is that none can take place while this lock-down continues, except for some, which concern terminally-ill persons.

East Riding Registration Services did their best to accommodate as many couples as possible by bringing their ceremonies forward prior to 5 November 2020 and the second national lock-down.

Once out of this present lock-down and we are aware of any new Government guidance on numbers able to attend and any changes to the Covid safety rules we need to work to, we will contact imminent couples to inform them of these important facts. We do not see this happening until early December.

Registration officers in the meantime will still be working with couples who will have the opportunity to re-arrange, stay with their original date or move their booking to a new date.

It is important that couples check the email address they have supplied to us in regards to their bookings and check their spam cache regularly, so that they can access any information as soon as possible.

The email address for East Riding Registration Services is:  registration.service@eastriding.gov.uk.

We are still able to take notices of marriage and couples will be able to contact the office on (01482) 393600 to make appointments to give notice for marriage and civil partnerships.

We do ask for couples patience and understanding as we again cope with a changing priority for so many of them.

What are civil partnerships?

Civil partnerships are the government's approach to giving similar rights to same sex couples as those enjoyed by married heterosexual (opposite sex) couples. In 2013, UK Government passed legislation for same sex couples to get married.

Read more on the differences between civil partnerships and marriage at: eastridingceremonies.co.uk (council website).

How do I arrange a civil partnership?

To start planning your civil partnership or wedding please visit www.eastridingceremonies.co.uk (external East Riding website).

What surname do I use after I have entered into a civil partnership?

A person may want to take his/her partner’s surname when they form their civil partnership. The civil partnership certificate can be used as proof of his/her new name. Many government agencies will accept this as adequate proof. However, some private companies, for example, a bank, may ask for a different standard of proof.

How would someone end a civil partnership?

A civil partnership will come to an end if you or your civil partner dies. If you want to end your civil partnership before one of you dies, you need to get permission from a court. There are different ways you can ask a court to end your civil partnership. You can ask the court to grant:

  • a dissolution order. Your civil partnership must have lasted for at least one year before you can apply for a dissolution order. a separation order. You don't have to wait until your civil partnership has lasted for a year before you can apply for a separation order
  • you can apply for a separation order at any time
  • an annulment.

Can we renew our civil partnership vows at a later date?

Yes, we can provide a bespoke renewal of vows ceremony. To find our more, please visit www.eastridingceremonies.co.uk (external East Riding website)

Can we convert our civil partnership into a marriage?

Yes, as long as it was registered in England, Wales or Scotland. You have two options, a simple one stage procedure consisting of the preparation and signing of a declaration at any registration office. Or, in option 2, you can organise a celebratory ceremony following the written declaration. For more information on what is involved in both of these options, please visit www.eastridingceremonies.co.uk (external East Riding website)

What happens if I or my partner wish to transgender?

You must either end your civil partnership or convert it to a marriage. If you choose to convert your civil partnership into marriage, you must do so before you apply to the Gender Recognition Panel.

For full information, visit:

GOV.UK – Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate (external website)

How can I licence my venue for ceremonies?

You can apply for an approved venue license if your venue meets certain conditions. Further information can be found on the approved premises for ceremonies page

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