Youth Action Board

Information on what the Youth Action Board is, how to join, how often the board meets, what news can be aired at a national level, what you get out of it and who the decision makers are. 

What is the East Riding Youth Action Board?

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Youth & Family Support (YFS) service established a new Youth Action Board (YAB) following a generous donation of £40,000 by the Dewhirst Charitable Trust. The East Riding Youth Action Board's aim is to distribute funding for positive activities and projects created and developed by young people for young people.

Youth Action Board further information (PDF 221.96kb)

Who is on the Youth Action Board?

The following groups of people are involved in the Youth Action Board:
  • young people
  • Dewhirst Charitable Trust representative
  • Police or Health representative
  • Business sector employer representative
  • Voluntary and community sector representative
  • YFS representative 

What is the award criteria?

For the funding to be awarded, there is criteria to be met:
  • There should be clear evidence of the need for the project or activity.
  • The project or activity needs to meet the YAB key purpose and outcomes.
  • Young people are clearly leading the application, if there is evidence that young people are not leading the application it will be rejected.
  • Applications that benefit an individual young person will not be permitted.
  • Applications will not be considered if the proposed activity and/or outcome is found to be statutory responsibility of a public body or other organisation.
  • Funding for a project and/or activity will only be awarded once. Evidence of sustainability will be required.
  • The maximum award is £5,000.

What is the application process?

To apply please contact Darron Lawer YFS Community & Partnerships Officer on 07796697940 or email darron.lawer@eastriding.gov.uk for assistance in your YAB application.