Personal budgets

Who can get a personal budget, what care services they can be used to pay for (including employing your own care staff) and who can manage and spend the budget on your behalf.

What is a personal budget?

Only people eligible for social care and support can access a personal budget.

If you are not sure if you're eligible for social care, you can find more information on the access to social care page.

Personal budgets are used to pay for the care services you require to meet the care needs identified in your support plan.

Read more about Personal Budgets on the NHS website.

How can I get a personal care budget from the council?

Before the council can allocate you a personal budget, you will need to be assessed twice: first for your care needs and second for your financial situation. You cannot be allocated a care budget unless both assessments have taken place.

For information on assessment of care needs, visit the access to social care page.

For information on the financial assessment, visit the paying for services page.

Please note: Provision of support services is not dependent on having completed the financial assessment, though we do require an assessment so that you know what you will need to contribute towards the cost of your care.

What does my personal budget pay for?

Your budget enables you to organise your own care, based on the care needs you have. The budget can be used to:

You can read more on how you can use your personal budget on the Age UK website:

Personal budgets: more control over your care – Age UK website (external website)

Who manages my personal budget?

When you have been allocated your personal budget, you can choose to have it managed in one (or a combination) of the management options below:

Please note: If you decide that the council or someone else should manage your personal budget, you will still be in charge of how it is spent. Whoever provides or assists with your support is there to help you and should listen to you and respect your opinions.

For advice on which management service is best for you, and help to set this up and manage your budget long term, you can contact the care management team.

Can I manage my own personal budget?

Yes – this is called a cash personal budget.

You will need to set up a joint bank account if you choose this option as this is where your budget will be paid into on a monthly basis (subject to what you have discussed with your care management worker).

You will also use this account to pay your own contribution (if you have to pay one).

Receiving your first payment

When the relevant paperwork has been received, we will strive to ensure that you receive your first payment within two weeks.

Evidence of spending

As you are managing your own budget you will need to keep evidence of what you spend, for example:

  • receipts
  • invoices
  • copies of staff wage slips
  • copies of time sheets.

You will then receive detailed information about:

  • setting up your records
  • how often you need to provide this information
  • who to give it to.

Please note: The council will ask to reclaim any unspent funds or money that has been spent on things that were not in your Support Plan.

Employing staff

We will support you and provide guidance on all aspects of recruiting, employing and managing your staff.

If you employ staff, you will need to take out Employer Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. The cost of this can be met from your personal budget.

We can help you take out the correct insurance, and information is also available on the GOV.UK website:

Employers Liability Insurance - GOV.UK (external website)

We strongly recommend you to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check on any person you intend to employ and to take up employer and character references for people that you employ.

More information on setting up your payments and employing staff is available in the leaflet below.

User guide to direct payments (pdf 312kb, opens in new window)

Can someone else manage my personal budget?

Yes - this is called a managed personal budget.

This means that someone else manages your budget on your behalf, such as:

  • a relative
  • a friend
  • private providers of care management.

There are several different ways of doing this and you will choose the option to suit you and your circumstances. You can choose to either:

  • receive the personal budget into your bank account yourself and pass it on to someone to manage


  • have the money paid directly to the person or organisation managing your support.

If you choose a family member or friend to manage your support, they will need to keep evidence of their spending.

Private providers will also need to produce evidence at your review that the services purchased on your behalf have met your needs detailed in the Support Plan.

Please note: private organisations may charge a management fee for doing this, which must be paid from your personal budget.

You can also have a Managed Personal budget through for example an Independent Living Trust, or an Individual Service Fund. These options will be discussed and agreed with you when your personal budget is decided.

What is an allpay prepaid card account?

From 27 March 2017, East Riding of Yorkshire Council will make it easier for existing and new Cash Personal Budget recipients to receive and manage their money with the introduction of a Direct Payment Account. The account, known as a prepaid card account, will be provided by allpay.

All new Cash Personal Budget recipients will be given the option to have an allpay account and will be issued with a debit card automatically which is used to arrange and pay for goods and services linked to their care. The debit card is just like any other bank card and is used in the same way. Your allpay account information can be checked at any time using the online and telephone banking facilities.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council will pay your Cash Personal Budget into the account (usually every 4 weeks) and your card can be used to pay for goods and services as agreed in your support plan and where necessary, at cashpoint ATM machines with prior agreement of the Council. The account enables you to pay in, where necessary, your own personal contribution by fast payment transfer from your own bank account or a regular amount by Standing Order. 

Using the online banking facility will enable you to view your balance, view recent transactions and full account statements, set up Standing Orders, Direct Debits and also receive notifications and alerts to help you manage your account without having to go into a bank. The Council ensures that this new service is easy to use, helpful and is backed up by an experienced customer service team who are able to provide further support to make payments and manage your account over the telephone.

You will no longer need to worry about going overdrawn as the spending is limited to the amount in the account. You will also no longer need to send in copies of your bank statements as these can be directly monitored by the council.

The benefits of using an allpay account

  • You do not need to provide statements of your account to the Direct Payment Support Team – evidence may be required and receipts should be kept. 

  • It is a secure and easy way to make payments for your care.

  • Fast payment service ensures you can arrange same day bank transfers.

  • You will gain more confidence to using your Personal Budget and managing your own bank account. 

  • You can nominate a trusted person to help manage the account with you.

  • You can use a smartphone, tablet or computer to securely access your account online, anytime at any place.

  • You no longer need to apply and pass a credit check to open a current account to receive your Personal Budget. 

  • You will not require a secondary account holder.  

For Cash Personal Budget recipients who wish to enquire about the simple process of moving over to a Direct Payment Account you should contact the Direct Payment Support team (01482 396940).

For Cash Personal Budget recipients using an allpay account who require the account or payment assistance you should contact allpay customer services on 0330 808 0102.

For existing users, you can check your account by visiting:

allpay Prepaid - My Prepaid Card Portal (external website)

Can the council manage my care?

Yes - this is called a virtual personal budget. 

With this option the council will spend your budget on services that they either provide in-house or commission on your behalf.

You will still have a Support Plan, and the council must:

  • spend your budget on meeting the needs identified in the plan
  • ensure that they get value for money 
  • ensure you are satisfied with your support
  • tell you exactly what your budget is being spent on.

Who can I contact for further information?

To contact care management services you must contact customer services:

Contact method
(01482) 393939

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