Learning resources at the Treasure House

Available learning resources, school workshops that are available, resources for self directed visits, planning a visit, available online resources, museums assisting with learning and support for teachers. 

What learning resources are available at the Treasure House?

There are resources at the Treasure House to support all stages of learning.

The Beverley Library on the ground floor provides a number of resources and learning materials. Visit libraries for more information on ways in which the library can support learning.

The archives and local studies service provide a research room in which local history books, photographs and other documents may be looked at. There are staff on hand to advise you on how to use the archives. Visit archives, family and local history to find out more.

On the first floor of the Treasure House, the museum and the Beverley Art Gallery offer a range of learning resources for self-directed visits. There are permanent and temporary exhibitions on regional heritage, local history and art and craft.

Many of the exhibitions are accompanied by hands-on interactives, self-directed resources and pull-out exhibition drawers to help inspire a variety of school work.

For much more information on how the East Riding museums can support learning visit learning at the East Riding museums.

Alternatively, to find out about the learning opportunities offered at the Treasure House visit the learning at the Treasure House page of the East Riding museums website.

What school workshops are available?

The Treasure House education officer runs a series of curriculum-linked workshops for primary schools. To find out more about the workshops that are currently available and how to book them visit learning sessions at the East Riding museums.

The programme of workshops is being developed all the time, so more workshops will become available over time.

What do group leaders need to know when planning a visit?

All group visits must be booked in advance to the Treasure House to avoid group booking clashes. This is essential even if a self-directed visit is proposed.

To find out more about planning a visit to the Treasure House visit the learning at the Treasure House page of the East Riding museums website.

This page includes a downloadable document containing essential information to use when planning a visit. 

Are any online resources available?

There are online learning resources available to support learning at eRiding and at mylearning.

The first of these websites is run by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to support learning in the East Riding,

eRiding (external East Riding website)

The second is run by the museums, libraries and archives council in Yorkshire and contains project resources from throughout Yorkshire.

MyLearning (external website)

The museums service, archives and local studies contribute resources to both of these websites. 

How else can the East Riding museums assist with learning?

In addition to the resources available during visits to the Treasure House, there is a programme of family history courses, lectures and a growing number of curriculum linked workshops relating to the museums, archives and local studies collections.

More information on the full range of resources provided by the East Riding Museums Service visit learning at the East Riding museums

Is any support for teachers available?

There is a part-time education officer based at the Treasure House, who is available to discuss teachers' specific requirements, for example for continuing professional development (CPD) or to arrange a preparatory visit to the Treasure House. The art gallery curators may also be able to plan a study session around a specific topic or exhibition. To contact the education officer or the Art Gallery curators visit the Contact Us page of the East Riding museums website.