Archives for educational and professional uses

Using archives for academic research and legal evidence. See also archive services offered to colleges, universities and schools. 

Can I do academic research?

Yes, we provide information to support both academic and independent research.

Our archive collections cover a wide range of subjects and have lots of uses for research.

Archives can be used as source material for further and higher education research and the writing of theses and books.

They can also provide inspiration for creative writing and arts.

You can find out more about our collections by searching our online catalogue.

Can archives help me get legal evidence?

Archives provide key evidence from the past, such as:

  • Decisions made by local authorities
  • Previous land use
  • Property ownership 

This information can be used to prove facts and even be submitted as legal evidence.

We have a lot of records about ownership of property such as the East Riding Register of Deeds.

Our staff can help you find the documents you need, but unfortunately, we cannot supply legal advice.

What services do you offer colleges and universities?

We welcome academic researchers, college and university students, tutors and lecturers.

The Treasure House also has an education officer, who can arrange talks, tours and collections study sessions.

What services do you offer schools?

We welcome school groups. The Treasure House has an education officer who arranges school and educational visits.

There are resources for self-directed visits and there is a menu of Primary School workshops linked to the curriculum.

See the eRiding education site for more information on the services and facilities:

eRiding education site (external East Riding website)