In-year school admissions and school transfer

In-year admissions and how to apply, transfer child between schools, apply for more than one school and if the application is unsuccessful.

What are in-year admissions and how do I apply?

In-year admissions are when applications for school places are made during the school year, outside the normal admissions round, normally when parents want their child to transfer between schools or when a family moves to a different area. If you want to make an in-year application you will have to apply to the local authority responsible for the area where you live.

In-Year School Admissions Application Form and Guidance Notes (pdf 157kb)

Are there different in-year admission arrangements for looked-after children?

To help ensure that children in local authority care are placed quickly at the most appropriate school, additional information is asked for on the application form.  The application form to be used if you are applying for a school place for a looked-after child is available from the School Admissions Team or from the link below:

Looked-After Children - in year application form (pdf 138kb)

I would like to transfer my child between schools, how do I make an application?

If you want your child to transfer between schools in the same year group, you should first discuss the matter with your child’s current school’s class teacher or headteacher as it may be possible to resolve any problems they are having without disrupting your child’s education.

If, after discussing the matter with the headteacher, you still want to transfer to another school, you must use an application form from the local authority responsible for the area where you live.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, if the move to the new school is approved, it will normally take place at the start of a new term. If the application is dealt with close to the end of the term, the child will not be able to start at the new school until the following half term.

I am moving house. How do I transfer my child to a new school?

When a child moves to a new area it is important that they are found a school place as quickly as possible. All areas of the East Riding fall within a primary and secondary school’s catchment area and for most children, their catchment area school is their nearest and most suitable school. Most children in the East Riding attend their catchment area school. If you want to apply for a school place you must apply to the School Admissions Team using the In-year Admissions Application Form.

In-Year School Admissions Application Form and Guidance Notes (pdf 157kb)

If the school has places available in the appropriate year group, you will be given a place for your child. If the school is full and cannot admit your child, the School Admissions Team will tell you about alternative schools, your right to appeal and, if you are resident in the East Riding of Yorkshire, they will offer you a place at the nearest East Riding school with a place available.

Do I have to apply for more than one school?

No. You can name up to three schools on the application form. It is up to you to decide which schools to put down on the application form. Most parents want their child to attend their catchment area school and for most children, their catchment area school is also the nearest and most appropriate school.

What can I do if my application is unsuccessful?

Applicants refused a place at a school for their child will be given the right to appeal. For more information, please follow the link to the School Admissions Appeals page.

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