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Information on where to get free resources including digital photos, find out about education events, share with other schools, how to publicise your information and what the Improvement and Learning Service is.

Does the local authority provide information and resources for use in education?

The council's education website, eRiding.net, is both a collection of resources and a set of tools that enable a wide range of users to access top quality teaching and learning materials, targeted at specific audiences from the world of learning. It enables teachers, learners and learning assistants to access electronic materials to assist in lesson planning and homework/assignments.

eRiding.net (external East Riding website)

eRiding is the universal medium by which East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Local (education) Authority can publicise, distribute and share 'best-practice' teaching
and learning resources. It is intended to be a one-stop-shop.

The site is populated by East Riding of Yorkshire teachers and teaching and learning consultants from the School Improvement Service.

It contains thousands of resources across many subject areas and themes. 

Can I share my education resources with other schools?

Yes.  In order to provide a catalogue of best-practice information and resources we encourage schools to share.  If you or your school have tried and tested high quality education objects that you would like others to take advantage of please contact us via the website where you will find the details of the appropriate person.

eRiding (external East Riding website)

Where can I get free digital photos?

As part of the eRiding 'family' of websites the council publishes a library of free digital teaching and learning objects.  The Media Library, as it is known, contains hundreds of free digital photographs intended for use in classrooms on interactive white boards, or as part of wall displays and project work. 

The photos have been provided by teachers and local authority teaching and learning consultants and support many national curriculum areas.  We try to provide images with a local flavour and activeley encourage education practitioners to share their images if they think they are appropriate - contact us via the website.

eRiding Media Library (external East Riding website)

Where can I find out about education events in the East Riding?

The local authority uses their education website eRiding as both a dissemination tool and a communication vehicle.  The homepage has an area where adverts can be displayed.  These adverts are usually used to publicise important events or areas of the site where new and relevant material resides. 

Sections of the website have their own smaller adverts in the margins so users are kept abreast of products, resources and useful websites.  There is also a link to an events page on the homepage.  This lets you know of conferences, special days and training etc.

If you would like to publicise an educational event please contact us via the website:

eRiding (external East Riding website)

How can I publicise my information to East Riding schools?

If you are involved in the sphere of education in the East Riding of Yorkshire you can use eRiding to publicise information to local schools.  All East Riding schools have an awareness that the site is the main channel by which the local authority disseminates good practice into schools. We can provide 'adverts', news stories and publicity articles to suit your needs.

To make good use of the site's large number of users please contact us via the website:

eRiding (external East Riding website)

What is the Achievement and Inclusion Service?

The Achievement and Inclusion Service (AIS) monitors the quality of education provided by East Riding schools and provides advice and support to headteachers, governors and teachers. The service provides curriculum and management advice and support to schools, including lesson resources. 

It provides support and challenge for schools in setting targets for raising pupil attainment and for school improvement. 

It ensures the delivery of national policies on school improvement to schools, and supports schools in the implementation of the new relationship with schools and wider curriculum reforms. 

The AIS brokers access to continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for teachers.

I am a registered 14-19 Local Area Partnership (LAP) practitioner.  Can I gain access to 14-19 meeting minutes and agendas?

Yes.  Please use the links below.  You will know which areas you are registered for and have access to.  You do not have access if you are not registered.

  • 14-19 Updates
  • 14-19 Strategy Group
  • Education and Skills Partnership
  • Beverley & District LAP
  • ER North LAP
  • ER South LAP
  • ER West LAP
  • Holderness LAP
  • Apprenticeship Bulletins

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