Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a working age-benefit which replaces housing benefit, job seeker's allowance income-based, employment and support allowance income-related, child and working tax credits and income support. It started to roll-out across East Riding of Yorkshire from 2016 by Jobcentre.

From 12 December 2018, it will be live throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire.

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a working age benefit which replaces the following:

  • Income-based jobseeker's allowance
  • Income-related employment and support allowance
  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Working Tax Credits 
  • Child Tax Credits. 

It is being rolled out across the East Riding by Jobcentre.

From 11 July 2018, if you live in one of the postcodes below, claims will no longer be accepted for housing benefit. However, you must still claim council tax support.

From 12 December 2018, the whole of the East Riding will be live with Universal Credit, and we will no longer accept new housing benefit claims, however, you must still claim council tax support. 

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You can make a new claim for Universal Credit if you:

  • live in one of the affected postcodes above
  • have no more than two children
  • have received Universal Credit in the previous six months and your payments have stopped. In these circumstances, it does not matter how many children you have.

Do not delay in claiming Universal Credit as claims are not normally backdated.

If you have three or more children, you still need to claim housing benefit, council tax support, and tax credits.

Who can claim Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is being rolled out across the country gradually by Jobcentres. 

If you are a family and have three or more children you will not be able to claim Universal Credit, you will still claim the existing benefits, such as housing benefit until 2019. If you live in temporary accommodation or supported accommodation, you need to claim universal credit, and claim housing benefit for help you need with your rent

You should continue to claim Housing Benefit and Council tax support.

To make a claim for any other benefits visit the GOV.UK website (external website)

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have put together a useful guide ‘Universal Credit and You’ (external website)  which explains it in more detail.

How do I make a claim for Universal Credit?

To make a claim for Universal Credit you need to complete an online application form:

Apply to make a claim for Universal Credit 

Before you start

Your session will time out and you’ll have to start again if you’re inactive for more than 20 minutes.

Make sure you have the following information before you start:

  • your postcode
  • your National Insurance number
  • details of the bank, building society or credit union account you want Universal Credit paid into
  • your rent agreement (if you have one)
  • details of your savings or other capital
  • details of any income that’s not from work, eg from an insurance plan
  • details of any other benefits you’re getting.

You might also need these details for people who live in your home, eg your partner.

It should take 20 to 40 minutes to complete your claim. Do not delay making your claim for Universal Credit as claims are not normally backdated.

If you’re successful, you’ll usually get your first payment 5 weeks after you made your claim.

If you pay council tax, you will also need to apply to make a claim for council tax support to the us.

The quickest way to apply for council tax support is by applying online:

Who do I contact for help making my online application?

Universal Credit hotline

Please contact the Universal Credit helpline if you need help making your claim online:

Telephone: 0800 3285644

Textphone: 0800 3281344

The telephone lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8m until 6pm.

If you do not have access to the Internet at home, you can attend your local Jobcentre Plus office:

Jobcentre Plus (Beverley)

Crosskill House 
Mill Lane 
HU17 9JW

Jobcentre Plus (Goole) 

Mulberry House 
North Street 
DN14 5QB

Jobcentre Plus (Hessle)  

26 The Weir 
HU13 0RX

Jobcentre Plus (Bridlington)  

Crown Buildings 
Quay Road 
YO16 4LS

You can also use free WiFi at some our locations:

Free WiFi locations (Opens in new window)

If you are unable to complete the online form yourself and do not have any family or friends to help you, in certain circumstances we can make an appointment for someone to help you. 

Find your nearest Customer service centre or multi-service centre.

I am under 22. Can I get help towards my rent?

From 1 April 2017, the housing cost element (help towards your rent) was removed for new claims in full Universal Credit service areas for single people aged 18-21 (within the East Riding this is currently the postcodes mentioned above from September 2017, and all other postcode areas within the East Riding from December 2018). 

You cannot apply for housing benefit.

If you fall into any of the categories below you can still claim, if you:

  • are responsible for a child/qualifying young person
  • certain care leavers
  • received DLAC middle or higher rate of PIP(c)
  • a victim of domestic violence
  • people who cannot live with their parents for specific reasons
  • have earnings above national minimum wage for 16 hours per week.

I need help with budgeting my money and spending. Can you help?

We understand that some of our customers will need help managing their money as universal credit is paid monthly. 

We can help you to work out your total monthly income and your total monthly expenses by using our budgeting tool:

Budgeting tool (external website) 

When you have completed this we will tell you: 

  • what you spend your money on 
  • how to reduce your expenses 
  • how to maximise your income 
  • how we can help to pay off any debts 
  • how we can help you to save money for a time when you might need it.  

If you would like free and confidential help with budgeting from one of our benefit and debt advisors, simply email  benefit.takeup@eastriding.gov.uk  and we will then ring you to make an appointment to see how we can help you. 

East Riding Adult Learning Centres are teaming up with the welfare visiting team and customer services teams to offer local residents help with their IT and money management skills. Sessions that will be available at customer service centres will include:

Using Universal Credit 

A drop in session to give local residents the confidence to complete their Universal Credit Journal. Up to 4 sessions will be available to help local residents to complete this digital journal and signposting will be on offer to specialist support if needed. 

Money matters 

Get up to date information and help to understand a range of money matters. Those taking part will learn about budgeting, managing their Universal Credit payments and understanding key documents such as bank statements. These sessions will also provide you with further information as to where you can get more individual support. 

Adult Learning representatives will be available in customer service centres from July 2018.

How will I get paid?

Universal Credit is paid once a month in arrears into a nominated bank account. You can make an application for an interest-free advance payment if you are facing short-term financial need which is repayable over 12 months. Applications can be done online through your journal, or by calling the Department for Work and Pensions on the freephone telephone numbers above.

How do I report changes?

You must report all change online on the GOV.UK website, you can do this via the link below:

GOV.UK - Sign into your Universal Credit account (external website)

You should also tell us if you claim council tax support

Is there anywhere else I can get advice about Universal Credit?

Should you need any more advice regarding Universal Credit, the following webpage may be useful:

Understanding Universal Credit (external website)