Reconsiderations and appeals

What to do if you do not agree with a decision that we have made.

Can I dispute a decision you have made?

If you want to know more about the decision we have made or think it is wrong, please let us know within one month of the date of the notification letter, to: 

  • ask us for a explanation, or
  •  ask us to reconsider the decision.

We will then: 

  • look at the claim again and if the decision is wrong, we will change it
  • if we cannot change the decision, we will tell you why.

There are a number of different ways you can contact us:


Send an email to adjudication@eastriding.gov.uk 


Use the link below to send us an online message:

Reconsider my claim


Download, print and complete the following forms and return to the council: 

Benefit Assessments 
East Riding of Yorkshire Council 
County Hall 
Cross Street 
HU17 9BA

Dispute my housing benefit decision booklet (pdf 174kb opens in new window)

Dispute my housing benefit decision form (pdf 48kb opens in new window)

Dispute my council tax support decision (pdf 420kb opens in new window)

What can I not appeal against?

There are certain decisions that cannot be changed:

  • The local housing allowance (LHA) rate set by the Valuation Office
  • The broad rental market area (BRMA) that your home is in
  • Discretionary housing payments (DHPs)
  • Council tax discretionary reduction.

A landlord or agent can only dispute a decision about:

  • who payment of housing benefit should go to
  • whether an overpayment can be recovered from the landlord or agent. 

What can I do if I still don't agree with a decision?

After your claim has been reconsidered, if you still feel that the decision is wrong, you can make an appeal. 

The appeal process is different for housing benefit and council tax support.

Housing benefit

You must appeal within one month of us reconsidering the decision, by completing a form and returning it to us. You must sign your appeal for it to be accepted.

The form below can be downloaded, printed and returned to us, or you can visit your local   customer service centre  to complete a form:

Disputing a decision form (pdf 85kb opens in new window)

Disputing a decision form guidance (pdf 48kb opens in new window)

The appeal will then be heard by an independent tribunal service. 

Council tax support

You must appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal Service on telephone number 0300 1232035. 

Or visit their website for further information about how to make an appeal.

Valuation Tribunal Service (external website, opens in new window)