Roadwork locations, report an issue with roadworks, digging a hole on public land, highway charges.

Where can I find out information about roadworks?

All roadworks in the East Riding are displayed on the interactive website one.network (external website)

Watch the short video below for helpful instructions on how to use this service:

Visit one.network   

Please note: there should always be a sign on-site showing who is doing the work, how long it is expected to take and who to ring in case of an emergency. 

Yes, you can sign up to receive email updates of upcoming roadworks, road closures and other traffic disruptions anywhere in the UK through the one.network website.

The video tutorial below shows how to set up an email notification:

Visit the one.network website to set up an email notification:

Visit one.network

What should I do if I need to dig a hole in the road, footpath or verge?

A licence is required to dig a hole on public land to, for example, install a new water pipe or another utility service. You will need to use a reputable company who will make an application for a licence as part of the works, as they will have the adequate training and insurance required. 

Does the council have a list of highway charges?

There are a number of fees and charges for a variety of highway items which are reviewed every year. The majority of these fees will be charged to developers, businesses and a small number are relevant for residents. 

They can include:

  • vehicular accesses
  • H-bar markings
  • skip and scaffold licences
  • streetworks notices or licences
  • traffic regulation orders
  • provision of information
  • stopping up orders
  • cafe culture licences
  • salt bin provision or refills. 

View all highway charges:

Highway Charges