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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Pre-application advice for major planning proposals

East Riding of Yorkshire Council deals with over 3000 planning applications each year, some of which are major planning applications where the proposal is of a significant scale and the issues involved are generally more complex. 

Examples are new housing development or an industrial development, which also affect the wider community. 

In order to be able to deal with these in a timely manner, early discussion with the planning authority is key, enabling challenges to be identified and overcome early in the planning process. 


Major Applications - what qualifies? 

At this time the charging scheme applies only to major applications, which are defined for the purposes of this pre-application service as development consisting of:

Super major: 

  • Over 100 dwellings 

  • Over 5000sqm of new floor space 

  • Over 5ha site area 

  • Wind Turbines over 9MW 


  • Over 25 dwellings 

  • Over 1,000sqm of new floor space 

  • Over 1ha site area 

  • Wind Turbines over 55m to top of blades (and less than 9MW)

Contact details

For other types of development, please contact us on:

Email: beverley.dc@eastriding.gov.uk

Post: County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA

Pre-applications...a new approach

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has developed an improved process of early meetings and discussion with developers prior to the submission of major applications. 

The approach will include:

  • A more structured process including encouragement to undertake pre-consultation with relevant consultees and the community at an early stage
  • Advice to enable the submission of a valid application
  • Greater certainty and a quicker determination at the formal application stage
  • Improvement in the overall quality of development schemes


How the process works

What is required from you

A pre-application form to be completed and accompanied by the following basic information:

  • Written statement of proposal

  • Location plan (e.g. 1:1250)

  • Plans and elevations which show the proposal

  • Existing and any previous known uses of land

  • Draft Design and Access Statement

  • Any known restrictions on the land


The more information that is provided at this stage, the more detailed a response can be given. 

If consultation with other parts of the council is sought, extra copies of documents must also be submitted.

Each pre-application form, fee and supporting information must only relate to one site. A pre-application form can be sent out on request. See contact details above.

What you will receive from us

We will:

  • Contact you within 15 working days of receiving the fee, send a written acknowledgement to advise of any further information we may require and arrange a date and venue for a meeting. If a meeting is not required a date for a written response will be given
  • Undertake an unaccompanied site visit
  • Agree a specific timescale at the meeting. This will be dependent on the scale, the issues involved and the complexity of the proposal
  • Provide detailed written confirmation within 15 working days of the meeting of our advice and views, including details of what you will need to supply in order to submit a valid application
  • This will include advising whether a Section 106 agreement is likely, its potential requirements and the process we use to agree it and which consultees or organisations you may need to consult
  • Advise if a further fee is likely to be required, if further discussion or negotiations on the proposal are requested following the issue of written advice

Pre-application meeting

Matters to be discussed could include:

  • Site history

  • Statutory designations

  • Planning policies

  • Supporting information required to make the  subsequent formal application submission valid

  • Specialist statements required

  • Advice regarding the submission of application, procedures and timescales

  • Requirement for developer contributions/infrastructure

  • Requirement for legal agreements

  • Agreement of additional information, statements and assessments required to be submitted at this stage

  • Requirement for pre-application consultation 

  • Initial thoughts on the principle of development, draft plans and the Design and Access statement

Post meeting

  • Further discussions/meetings if necessary

  • Final correspondence to advise applicant on  the completion of the pre-application process

Please note: The advice given by a planning officer will be given in good faith and without prejudice.



The fees for this service can be found on our fee guidance page.

These include up to a one-hour long meeting with a planning officer and a written response, but do not include subsequent meetings or further written responses. Any subsequent meetings and responses would attract an additional fee to be agreed between the parties.

Fees for pre-application advice are non-refundable unless a meeting is cancelled by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Requests for charged pre-application advice will be assessed weekly. Applicants will be advised in writing within 15 working days of a suitable time and date for a meeting. You will be asked to submit the appropriate fee to the
council prior to any meetings.

The council reserves the right to decline a request for pre-application advice where it is not considered either appropriate or necessary.

Any advice given by the council officers for pre-application advice does not indicate any formal decision by the council as a Local Planning Authority. Any views or opinions are given in good faith, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application.



Why seek advice prior to submitting a formal application?

  • You will get a thorough understanding of how local and national planning policies will be applied by East Riding of
    Yorkshire Council

  • We can provide early identification of any need for specialised input concerning matters such as heritage, highway matters, trees, landscape, noise issues, contaminated land, ecology and drainage. This should result in less time taken to validate an application by the council

  • Early identification of any likely Section 106 contributions or commitments

  • Early indication if a proposal is likely to be acceptable or not

  • An application that is submitted in accordance with the pre-application advice provided by officers should be validated more quickly and is more likely to benefit from a positive officer recommendation

  • The pre-application process has led to issues being resolved at an early stage, resulting in efficient decision making and project delivery


Submit a pre-application (major planning proposal) request

Major applications relate to residential development of more than 25 dwellings or other uses where; the site area is more than 1 hectare, the proposed floor space is 1000m2 or greater or the development is for a wind turbine greater than 55 metres to tip height.

Use this form below to submit a Pre-Application enquiry when you know planning permission will be required and your proposal meets or exceeds the above "major applications" criteria.

Pre-application enquiry form for major schemes

Please note: From Monday 2, February 2015 a new fee schedule has been implemented for pre-application advice for Major applications. These are incorporated into the online form above. From this date, the online form will be the only accepted channel for pre-application enquiries regarding Major applications.


Guidance last updated 02.01.15