Draft conservation area appraisals

Explains how to view a draft conservation area appraisal. 

Can I view draft conservation area appraisals currently available for public consultation?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is undertaking a programme of work to re-appraise its conservation areas. It is important that those who have an interest in these areas are given the opportunity to comment on the appraisal documents before they are ratified by the council. As far as possible, affected residents and occupiers of commercial properties within the conservation areas are notified of the draft appraisals as soon as the documents are available for consultation.

Although the council is happy to send out a paper copy of an appraisal on request, appraisal documents that are at the consultation stage will be  presented below. The closing dates for consultation and details for contacting the conservation team by email are shown on the final text page of the individual appraisal. 

Please note: these documents will not come into force until the consultation stage is completed and they have been adopted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

There are currently no conservation areas under review by the Council.  Details of the 2018 schedule of conservation area reviews will be updated throughout the year.

Recently Adopted Conservation Area Appraisals

Following a successful review, the Walkington Conservation Area Appraisal document and boundary changes were adopted in January and February 2018.

Appraisals once adopted  

Once a conservation area appraisal is adopted by the council then it will be included with the other adopted conservation area appraisals.