Planning Enforcement Plan

Find out what the Planning Enforcement Plan is and how to submit your responses for the consultation.

What is the Planning Enforcement Plan consultation?

The draft planning enforcement plan sets out how planning enforcement is delivered in the East Riding of Yorkshire in order to control harmful development and to maintain trust in the planning system. 

The plan sets out the principles and priorities underpinning the service and provides an explanation of the processes to monitor development and to control unauthorised development. 

The consultation is intended to encourage feedback on the plan and to increase understanding of planning enforcement to ensure that the service is accessible.

Planning Enforcement Plan consultation February 2019 (pdf 409kb)

Why has the plan been produced?

Local authorities are encouraged to produce a local enforcement plan ‘to manage enforcement proactively in a way that is appropriate to their area. This should set out how they will monitor the implementation of planning permissions, investigate alleged cases of unauthorised development and take action where appropriate’  (National Planning Policy Framework 2018). 

The plan is intended to provide clarity to all parties who may be involved in or affected by a planning enforcement issue. 

How can I respond to the consultation?

Send an email to planningenforcement@eastriding.gov.uk with the subject clearly marked as “Consultation response”.

Please note: the deadline for responses was 18 March 2019.

Where can I find more about dangerous buildings and unauthorised developments?

Find out more about dangerous buildings and unauthorised developments as well as how to report one on the Dangerous buildings and unauthorised development page.