Building control inspections

Explains when you can start building work, when are inspection visits and how to arrange an inspection.

When can I start building work?

Work can commence on site once a full plan's application has been deposited or a building notice given.

The building regulations require that you or your builder notify the council at various stages, as listed below.

Please note: Planning permission and/or other approvals may be required before work starts.

When does the building control officer need to make inspection visits?

Site inspections are required (at least) during the stages below:

  • Commencement (at least two days before work starts)
  • Foundation excavations
  • Foundation concrete laid
  • Oversite hardcore
  • Damp-proof course
  • Oversite concrete/covering to be started
  • Drains and private sewers
  • Testing drains and private sewers.

Inspections requested before 10am will be carried out on the same working day except in periods of high demand - longer notice would be appreciated.

  • Completion of work (within 5 days of completing the work).