Additional and specialist services (building control)

Information about additional specialist building control services, what a standard assessment procedure calculation is, energy performance certificates, display energy certificates, code for sustainable homes ratings and what air testing is.

What Additional Specialist Building Control services do you offer?

We offer the following additional specialist services:

  • Standard Assessment Procedure calculation for new dwellings (SAP)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Energy calculation for over glazed extension
  • Display Energy Certificate (DEC)
  • Air testing

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What is a Standard Assessment Procedure calculation (SAP)?

The Building Regulations requires that all new dwellings will require a SAP energy rating before work starts and on completion (as built rating).

An energy performance certificate (EPC) will also be required on completion for new dwellings and those created by conversion through a material change of use.

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is adopted by Government as the UK methodology for calculating the energy performance of dwellings within Approved Document L1A - Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings and Approved Document L1B - Conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings.

The calculation is based on the energy balance taking into account a range of factors that contribute to energy efficiency:

  • materials used for construction of the dwelling
  • thermal insulation of the building fabric
  • ventilation characteristics of the dwelling and ventilation equipment
  • efficiency and control of the heating system(s)
  • solar gains through openings of the dwelling
  • the fuel used to provide space and water heating, ventilation and lighting
  • renewable energy technologies.

The calculation is independent of factors related to the individual characteristics of the household occupying the dwelling when the rating is calculated, for example:

  • household size and composition
  • ownership and efficiency of particular domestic electrical appliances
  • individual heating patterns and temperatures.

Ratings are not affected by the geographical location, so that a given dwelling has the same rating in all parts of the UK. 

What are Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)?

It is now mandatory to provide an EPC when a property is sold, rented or built. EPCs have been implemented to improve the energy efficiency in buildings. We now offer an energy performance certificate service. The certificate provides an easy to understand white goods "style" rating from A to G. This enables building owners to identify how efficient their property is and how they can save money.

What are Display Energy Certificates (DECs)?

Display Energy Certificates provide an energy rating of the building from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is the least efficient and are based on the actual amount of metered energy used by the building over a period of 12 months.

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) must be displayed in a prominent place clearly visible to the public.  We can now offer a display energy certificate service which provides you with an  advisory report containing recommendations for improving the energy performance of the building.

What is Air Testing?

If a home leaks air or is drafty, a substantial amount of energy will be wasted reheating cold air entering the building.

Under the current regulations part of the assessment of how efficient your proposal may be is the requirement to actually test the rate at which it leaks.

Quality of Compliance

Our team of qualified testers have access to two fully calibrated testings rigs and as required are members of the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA). 

What we offer

  • A reliable local service at competitive prices
  • Air leakage quickly identified in the event of a test failure
  • ATTMA certified testers and UKAS calibrated equipment
  • Pre-completion testing, visual inspections and advice available
  • Results given immediately after test
  • FREE advice on the best method to seal any leaking areas
  • Discounted rates available for multiple test sites and for the use of standard house types.