Recycling sites

Household waste recycling sites (HWRS) and mini recycling sites, what you can take there to recycle or dispose of, report an issue with a recycling bank.

What is a recycling site?

There are two types of recycling sites:

  • Household waste recycling sites (HWRS), previously known as tips, are a place you can take used or unwanted household items, such as extra garden waste, soil and rubble, furniture, household electrical items and batteries. You can also take extra general household waste to these sites.
  • Mini recycling sites, also known as recycling banks, bring sites or bottle banks, are smaller sites, often found in car parks of supermarkets, village halls and sports clubs, where you can recycle a limited range of items, such as glass, paper and textiles.

Find your nearest recycling sites to check what you can take there. 

Where is my nearest recycling site?

Find your nearest recycling site, including what you can recycle or dispose of at each site, plus opening times for our household waste recycling sites:

Can I take business waste to a recycling site?

No, you can only dispose of household waste at a household waste recycling site or mini recycling site.

Find out how you can  dispose of business waste.

Are there any restrictions on the vehicles I can use to bring household waste to a household waste recycling site?

Yes, some vehicles will need a permit, others are not permitted to enter the site. Find out more about permits.

Can I buy reusable items from household waste recycling sites?

No, we do not sell any items at our household waste and recycling sites, but you can  visit our reuse shop. This is where we take any reusable items, such as bikes or furniture, that have been taken to a HWRS and that the owner has agreed can be sold for charity.  The shop is now part of the Dove House Charity and donations will help to raise vital funds for the hospice.

Can I take my full wheelie bin to a household waste recycling site?

No, for the health and safety of yourself and others you must not bring wheelie bins to a household waste and recycling site. Find out what you can do with extra recycling waste, general waste and garden and food waste.

My local recycling bank is full, can I leave my waste by the side?

No, you must not leave waste by the side as this is fly-tipping and you could be fined. You could use another recycling site.

Please note: any waste that is left at the side of recycling banks is normally not recycled when the area is cleared.

Can I report an issue with a recycling bank?

Yes, you can report:

  • a damaged recycling bank
  • a recycling bank that is full and needs emptying
  • fly-tipping or litter around a recycling bank. 

Report an issue with a recycling bank

I don’t have a vehicle, can you collect my waste?

If you have waste that is not suitable to put in your wheelie bin, you can  book a bulky waste collection.