Kitchen caddies

What to put in a kitchen caddy, order a free caddy, caddy liners and alternatives.

What is a kitchen caddy?

A kitchen caddy is a small brown container that you can put a caddy liner in and use to temporarily store your food waste in your home. Once full, you can transfer the waste to your brown wheelie bin.

What can I put in my kitchen caddy?

You can put cooked and uncooked food in your kitchen caddy, including: 

  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • solid fats, such as butter or lard
  • dairy produce, such as yoghurts
  • eggs (including shells)
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • meat, fish and bones
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • left over food. 

Can I request a kitchen caddy?

Not if you already have one as we only give you one per household. However, you can if you:

  • need one for a newly built house or flat
  • can’t find your caddy and it is missing
  • need a new one because yours is damaged
  • have moved in and the previous owner has taken it.

Request a new kitchen caddy

Can I use bags or paper to line my kitchen caddy?

We offer free biodegradable caddy liners to all residents so you can line your kitchen caddy. If you have run out, you can temporarily use a sheet of newspaper or kitchen roll, until you have time to collect more caddy liners. You must not use anything else, such as plastic bags, as these cannot be composted and will contaminate your brown bin waste.

I don’t have a brown bin, can you still pick up my kitchen caddy waste?

If you live in:

  • a sack collection property, such as a terraced house with no access to the back garden, you can put your kitchen caddy waste in your brown paper bags
  • a flat, your kitchen caddy should be emptied into your communal brown bin. If the bin is missing or damaged, you can ask for a replacement communal brown bin
  • any other property, you must have a brown bin to put your full caddy liners in. Find out how to request a brown bin.

Are there any other ways to reduce food waste?

Find out more about how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and how it can help save money.