East Riding and Kingston upon Hull joint local access forum

Information about what the joint local access forum is, who are the members, who manages the forum and where to view the minutes and agendas. 

What is the joint local access forum?

Local Access Forums are independent advisory bodies that provide advice on the improvement of public access to land for recreation and enjoyment. They are statutory bodies defined in legal terms by the Section 94 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act.

Local Authorities have a duty under the CROW Act to establish Local Access Forums and in this area, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Kingston upon Hull City Council have agreed and worked together to support the creation of a Joint LAF as a body that is independent of both local authorities.

Meetings of the joint local access forum are held on a quarterly basis and are advertised in advance. The locations of the meetings are varied to allow people living in different parts of the area the opportunity to attend.

The local access forum produces an annual report each May outlining the work of the forum, objectives for the year ahead and progress update reports on The Rights of Way Improvement Plans as set by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Hull City Council.  A copy of the 14th Annual Report for 2017-18 can be downloaded from the table below.

Who are the members of the forum?

Membership of the joint local access forum is voluntary and people who choose to become members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Although members of the joint local access forum may be members of other organisations, they are appointed to the forum in an individual capacity to represent a particular area of interest (eg. walking, cycling, horse riding). Members are usually appointed for a three-year term.

Can I apply to join the Joint Local Access Forum?

The Secretariat always welcomes interest from people with a knowledge and passion for open-air recreation, access and rights of way to join the Local Access Forum, however currently they have no vacancies as there is a full cohort of members.  The Secretariat will however retain contact details of any interested parties and will contact them when a vacancy is available.  To find out more about this role and contact details please see the document below:

To find out more about this role, who we are looking for, and how to apply, please see the documents below:

Joint Local Access Forum - Information for Candidates (pdf 205kb opens in new window) 

Who manages the joint local access forum?

The rural policy and partnership service within the council provide the secretariat for the joint local access forum. This involves the recruitment of members, supporting members, arranging site visits and meetings.

Can I see minutes and agendas?

Yes. The minutes, agendas and future meeting dates can be accessed from the council, committees, joint local access forum page.

Does the forum produce an annual report?

Yes. The most recent annual reports are available to download from the table below.

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