Positive Activities Grant (PAG)

The 2020 Positive Activities Grant is managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Youth and Family Support (YFS) Service and is designed to benefit young people by grant-aiding voluntary youth organisations who provide diversionary positive activity.

What is the Positive Activities Grant (PAG)?

The 2019/20 Positive Activities Grant is managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Youth and Family Support (YFS) Service and is designed to benefit young people by grant aiding voluntary youth organisations who provide diversionary positive activity.

Please note: Applications are now open for a 2019/20 PAG grant.

Who can apply for the grant?

Organisations must be voluntary, not for profit and be a member of Smile Community Hive and have a Development Plan prior to commencement of the project/provision.

Grants will only be allocated to organisations who will deliver positive activity to groups of young people aged 9 – 19, or up to 24 with a learning disability.

Grants will not be awarded to individuals.

Grants are for new or established Voluntary Youth organisations who wish to deliver positive activity to young people living in the East Riding.

What type of grants are available?

There are two bands of grant available (only one application per organisation):

Band A

For Voluntary Youth organisations that deliver Positive Activities for young people that have NOT previously been awarded a Positive Activity Grant.

We particularly welcome applications from East Riding Town and Parish Councils wishing to establish new youth provision in their area.

Maximum of two awards of £7,000 each.

Band B

For established Voluntary Youth organisations and organisations that have previously been awarded a Positive Activity Grant who wish to continue to deliver positive activity to young people in the East Riding. 

Maximum of thirteen awards up to £1,999.99.

What is the grant for?

This grant is for established voluntary youth organisations who wish to continue to deliver  positive activity to young people in the East Riding and for youth organisations that have never been awarded a PAG Award previously. 

How do I become registered as a member and get a Development Plan as a voluntary youth organisation?

To become registered as a member and get a Development Plan, please contact: 

Smile Community Hive 

Tel: (01482) 806226
Email: hive@heysmilefoundation.org

Sports projects applications

Applicants from sport projects are required to be registered as an ERCAS (East Riding Club Accreditation Scheme) organisation through the Sports and Play team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

Please contact Tracey Topliss prior to application:

Tracey Topliss
Email:  tracey.topliss@eastriding.gov.uk 
Tel: (01482) 392523

Any organisation that has not become a member of the Smile Community Hive or registered with Sports and Play team by 31 January 2020 will not be eligible for the PAG award.

Youth projects

Applicants from youth projects are required to register on the Beecan website (link below) and upload the requested policies/documents:

Beecan (external website)

This is a system that SMILE use to support youth projects and the guidance notes offer further information to support your application.

How are applications scored?

Applications will be scored on the following basis:

  • Evidence that there is need for the project/activity and that young people have been consulted and have helped shape the application – up to 20 marks
  • From Voluntary Youth organisations that can deliver provision for targeted and vulnerable young people (Child Looked After (CLA), Children In Need (CIN), Young Carers, SEND, BME, LGBTQ, Travellers, Young Offenders and Young People who are part of the Supported Families Programme – 10 marks
  • If the project/activity is delivered in an area of  high urban or rural deprivation  within the East Riding will be awarded: 
  • 10 marks for being projects in areas of deprivation within the top 10% of most deprived areas
  • 5 marks for being projects in areas of deprivation within the 11 to 20% of most deprived areas
  • 3 marks for being projects in areas of deprivation within the 21 to 30% of the most deprived area.

The application supports the East Riding 2020 Board Ambitions and East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s priorities 2016-2021.

All grants must be spent in the 2020/21 financial year, and any monies not spent will need to be returned to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Please note: we may be oversubscribed with applications and the above scoring process will be used to decide the successful Grant Awards.

Are there any guidance notes?

Guidance notes can be found by clicking on the link below:

Positive Activities Grant - Guidance Notes (pdf 185kb)

How can my organisation apply?

Applications can be submitted via an online system using the link below:

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - Grant Application Portal

Once registered on the site, users can apply for council funding schemes and carry out searches for other sources of funding.

Closing date for applications

Applications close on 31 January 2020 at 23:59.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:

Email: darron.lawer@eastriding.gov.uk

What are the key dates in the Positive Activities Grant (PAG) process?

Below are the key dates that form the PAG application timeline: 

 Activity Date
 2020 PAG Awards Open for applications and support to Organisations considering a PAG application commences 5 November 2020 
 Application and Registration Deadline 31 January 2020
 PAG Awarding Panel considers applications Early February 2020
 Grant letters sent to successful applicants and unsuccessful applicants  notified Mid-Late February 2020
 PAG Presentation Evening Mid-March 2020
 Positive Activities Projects/Activities commence 1 April 2020

Who decides where the Positive Activities Grant funding is awarded?

The members of the PAG Award Panel are as follows:

  • An independent representative working in the voluntary sector
  • A member of East Riding Funding Team
  • The YFS Partnerships and Participation Strategic Manager
  • A young person.

Which organisations have been successful previously?

The 2019 PAG awards were distributed to 18 organisations across the East Riding.

The successful organisations were:

  • Bridlington Rangers Football Team - £1990
  • New Life Support - £1999
  • Bridlington Club for Young People - £1997.50
  • Driffield Youth Action - £1999
  • Beverley Cherry Tree Centre - £1847.95
  • Hessle Youth Action - £1999.99
  • The Park, Kilnwick - £1999
  • Castaway Music Theatre - £1998
  • The Hang Out - £1999.99
  • Hornsea Town Council - £1999
  • Ebor Vale Riding for Disabled - £1999
  • HOSM Holme On Spalding Moor - £1999
  • Leco Kidz Youthie - £1999.99
  • 2020 Community Sport - £1948
  • Newbald Young People's Project - £1999.99
  • Newport Parish Council - £224.59
  • Stamford Bridge Sports Association - £5,000
  • Trinity Methodist Church, Goole -  £5,000

Where can I get further information?

For further information please contact Darron Lawer on:

Mobile: 07796 697940

Email:  darron.lawer@eastriding.gov.uk

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