Jobs at the council

Information about job vacancies in the council, apprenticeship schemes, applying for a job online, receiving job vacancies by e-mail, sending a CV instead of completing application, can you volunteer and are there recruitment pools. 

Can I view and apply for council jobs online?

Yes, all our current vacancies are displayed on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council jobs website. 

Please note: our preferred method of receiving applications via the council's jobs website.

Please find below a link to our applicant guide:

Online Vacancy Application Guide (pdf 1.0mb opens in a new window)

Does the council hold recruitment pools of staff seeking employment in a particular service area?

In order to provide flexibility to the council to fill vacancies quickly as they arise, recruitment pools are operated across a variety of service areas. The pools are advertised at various times throughout the year.  

Recruitment pools are job applicants who have expressed an interest in a specific role via an application form following an advertisement but where no actual vacancies may exist at the time of the advert. These are often used in areas where there is a high turnover of staff or a requirement for staff to available at short notice.

Please note: should you be successful in gaining entry into one of the pools, this does not guarantee employment with East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

To see which pools are currently being advertised and seeking new applicants, please search for the Job Type "RECRUITMENT POOLS" on the Vacancies home page or Job Search pages. 

You can then apply online to join these pools. Any pools not found via this search, are not currently seeking new applicants.

Does the council run apprenticeship schemes?

Yes. When the vacancies for apprentices arise they are advertised on East Riding of Yorkshire Council's jobs at the council site (please select 'Trainee Posts/Apprenticeships' from the drop down menu):

For more information about apprenticeships offered by the council please visit our Apprenticeships page.

Is it possible to volunteer at the council?

The council takes on volunteers in a number of service areas, further details can be found on our volunteering pages, or on East Riding of Yorkshire Council's jobs at the council site via the button below:

How can I find out about current volunteer opportunities?

Please visit the jobs search page and select the option 'Volunteering' in the Job category/type search box.  

The search results will then show any current volunteering opportunities.

Does the council offer work experience placements?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council offers a wide range of placement opportunities across all services and in a variety of locations.

A work experience placement offers you an opportunity in an adult working environment to act more or less as an employee but with an emphasis on learning about the world of work.

Please visit the work experience page to find out more and about how to apply.

Can I send you my CV instead of completing your application form? 

Unfortunately the council is unable to accept curriculum vitae - a full application form must be completed to allow a fair and consistent selection process.