Submitting a petition

Explains how to submit a petition to the council. 

How do I submit a petition to the council?

Petitions to the Council can be submitted in writing (letter or email) to the Overview and Scrutiny team or by completing an e-petition online (opens in new window)

Email: scrutiny@eastriding.gov.uk

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Overview and Scrutiny Team
Democratic Services
County Hall, Cross Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA

What are the rules and procedures for submitting a petition?

Petitions must be signed by at least 10 registered electors of the area in which the petition relates to. When submitting a petition you must state whether you wish the petition to be considered by the relevant Council department (by officers) or by a relevant committee (by councillors). It is important that you state your preferred method for consideration as petitions will be dealt with automatically by the relevant Council department, unless otherwise stated.

If it is requested that the petition be considered by a committee, then it must be received no less than five clear working days before the meeting to which it is to be presented.

The following petitions will not be accepted:

  • Petitions requesting action to be taken which is outside the Council’s powers or remit, nor can they be in connection with other e-petitions whether local, regional or national.
  • Petitions about similar topics, but not with identical questions
  • Petitions in connection with planning applications (these must be administered in connection with the relevant planning application)
  • Petitions whose nature is that of a complaint (these should be submitted through the Council’s complaints procedure system)
  • Petitions that are defamatory or of a personal nature, or are otherwise considered to be inappropriate

Further information on submitting a petition can be found by viewing the document below.

Petitions Guidance notes (pdf 52kb opens in new window)

How do I submit an e-petition?

To submit a petition online please complete an e-petition by clicking on the link below.

E-Petition online (opens in new window)

Further information on submitting an e-petition can be found by viewing the document below.

E-Petition Guidance (pdf 52kb opens in new window)