Stroke services

Services that are available for people that have had a stroke, what support groups there are and where to get further information. 

What services are available for people who have had a stroke?

Depending on your needs and situation, you may be eligible to receive a range of services to meet your needs. These are subject to an assessment of need but could include:

  • aids and adaptations
  • care in your own home.

Further information about how the assessment works is available on the access to social care page.

There are also services available to people who do not go through the assessment of needs. These include:

  • access to basic equipment
  • support groups.

If you look after or provide any support to someone who has had a stroke, you may be able to access a range of support, advice and services for carers. Information about this can be found in the carers section.

Are there any support groups in the area?

There are a number of stroke clubs and support groups which can offer support in the East Riding. 

These groups are run by people who have had a stroke and their carers, or both. All stroke clubs have a contact telephone number of the person who organises them and welcome new members.

There may be a club near to where you live but you are welcome to join any of them. They do not ask for joining fees, but some clubs collect a small subscription at each meeting to cover costs. For further information about groups, please refer to the Stroke Information Pack.

Where can I find more information on stroke services?

There is a patient stroke information pack, developed by local health and social care staff that contains useful information:

Stroke Information Pack (pdf 3mb)

The National Stroke Association website provides general stroke information and explains what a stroke is:

The National Stroke Association (external website)