Improving your health

Information about where to go for advice on stopping smoking, safer alcohol consumption, advice about drugs, healthy eating and managing weight, vaccinations and breastfeeding.

Where can I get help and advice to stop smoking? 

The NHS has stop smoking services, staffed by trained stop smoking advisers, provided in a range of venues at times to suit you:

Where can I get advice on safer alcohol consumption? 

Realising you have a problem with alcohol is the first step to getting better, but it is often the hardest one. Follow the link for advice on alcohol

Where can I get advice on healthy eating and managing my weight?

General advice on food, eating a healthy diet, losing weight, healthy recipes and more, is available from NHS Live Well which is full of useful information and tips.

Exercise referral

Exercise referral is a local service run by our Leisure Services. It is aimed at adults aged 16 and above who want to lose weight, get fit and/or reduce stress levels:

Exercise Referral (external website - opens in new window)  

Fitmums and friends

Fitmums and friends is a physical activity group for families who want to get fit and build in more opportunities to increase physical activity levels:

Fitmums and Friends (external website - opens in new window)  

East Riding Health Trainers

East Riding Health Trainers provide one to one support for adults who want to make behaviour changes such as stopping smoking, losing weight, increasing physical activity levels and cutting down on alcohol:

East Riding Health Trainers (external website - opens in new window)

Leeds Beckitt University Research Project

Healthy Eating is very much of interest to Public Health in the East Riding and nationally. Some research on decision making about food is being conducted by Leeds Beckett University. If you would like to learn more about it and possibly take part, visit their website:

Leeds Beckitt Eating Study (external website - opens in new window)

Where can I find out about vaccinations for myself and my family? 

There's a recommended timetable for routine childhood vaccinations (external website - opens in new window) . This timetable has been worked out to give children the best chance of developing immunity against common diseases safely and effectively, and doing it early enough to minimise their risk of catching these diseases.

More information is available from: 

NHS vaccination Schedule (external site - opens in new window)

More information about flu vaccinations is available from: 

NHS Choices (external site - opens in new window)

Where can I get breastfeeding support and advice?

Life with a new baby is often full of surprises and most people have questions or concerns. 

Midwives, health visitors and local, trained volunteer mothers are there to help you. They can give you lots of information and support just when you need it. If you need to speak to them before your next appointment, you can call your local GP surgery or health clinic for their contact details.

Breastfeeding drop-ins, cafes and centres are all great places to make new friends and share the ups and downs of looking after a new baby. You'll generally meet a mix of other mums who are just starting to breastfeed, and volunteers who have breastfed their own babies in the past and have had training in breastfeeding support.

Local information and advice on breastfeeding is available from:

NHS Humber (external website - opens in new window)