Information about where to get help and advice, what the health risks are and how to tell if you drink too much.

Do I have an alcohol problem?

There is a simple test called Audit which gives you an idea if you have a problem with drinking. Some health professionals are trained in this test, but you can test yourself on line at the patient website.

Patient - Alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT) (external website)

How much is too much? 

Read more on how much you should be drinking

Where can I get help with an alcohol problem?    

If you think you have a problem with drink or drugs it is possible to get help locally. The open access service offer an outreach service so you can probably be seen in confidence near where you live. 

If you would like help and advice, or just want to discuss any problems you are having, you can contact us in confidence Monday to Friday 9am-5pm:

Tel: (01482) 344690

We will be able to discuss with you what sort of help or treatment might be suitable.

The following pdfs provides advice if you are worried about drug or alcohol misuse.

Worried about Drugs? (pdf 1.5mb opens in new window)

Support from other organisations

If you're worried about your own or someone else's drinking, you can call Drinkline in complete confidence: 

Tel: 0800 917 8282

Further information can also be found on the alcohol concern website:

Alcohol concern (external website)


Talking to your doctor

You can talk to your GP or any other professional that you are in contact with but you can also contact the treatment services directly and be seen in confidence.

The sort of treatment you get will depend on what you need: 

  • some people just need a chat and some information
  • some people are seen a few times
  • some people have more serious or complicated problems and may need to get medical treatment. 

In these cases the open access service will refer you on.

Advice for young people

There are specialist services for young people in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  The East Riding young peoples substance misuse service contact details are available on drugs and alcohol advice for young people page. 

Do I drink too much?

The NHS recommends that men should not regularly exceed 3-4 units of alcohol a day and women no more than 2-3 units a day.  If you are concerned with the amount of alcohol you consume then you can contact the open access service on (01482) 344690 for further advice. 

Do I drink too much? (pdf 251kb opens in new window)

Further information is available on the alcohol concern website:

Alcohol concern (external website)

Alternatively, you can contact Drinkline on 0800 917 8282.
The NHS website offers advice on drinking and alcohol:

NHS Choices - drinking and alcohol (external website) 

What are the health risks of drinking too much?

There are a lot of health problems that are linked to drinking too much. Apart from how much you drink this depends on all sorts of factors such as your age, gender, lifestyle and the risks you might take due to the influence of alcohol.

Further advice from the NHS is available about the health risks of drinking too much:

NHS choices - drinking too much (external website)