Performing animal licences

What a performing animal is, how to apply and pay for a performing animal registration, who else you need to contact, how to renew your registration, who regulates performing animals and what happens if you don't apply.

What is a performing animal?

A performing animal is an animal that is exhibited or trained for exhibition as a show for the public in a circus, television or film production or a theatre performance.

The act does not apply to the training of animals for legitimate military, police, agricultural or sporting purposes or the exhibition of any such trained animals.

Do I need a performing animals registration?

The Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1952 requires that all persons who exhibit or train animals for public performance, must register with their local authority. Registered persons are given a certificate of registration.

Are there any conditions to the registration?

Any person registered under the Act must only train or exhibit those animals declared on the registration and in the manner declared on the registration.

Any training or performance must be carried out without cruelty to any animal.

How do I apply for a performing animals registration?

Performing animals registration application (word 102kb, opens in new window)

If you're unable to use the online application form, please contact the licensing team:

Email: licensing@eastriding.gov.uk

Will a tacit consent apply?

Yes. All performing licence applications will be processed within 10 working days of receipt of a valid application. If no further contact is received from us within the stated timescale in the application acknowledgement then tacit consent applies. Where matters arise with regards to the application giving the need for an extension of the processing period the applicant will be notified.

Who else may I need to contact?

If you wish to build accommodation for your animals you may need to contact the council's planning section.

How do I change my registration?

All performing animals registrations remain in force unless any detail of the registration changes.

Any change to your details will result in your registration being cancelled and a new registration being required.

Who regulates performing animals?

Are there any inspections relating to the registration?

Under the Act, the police and officers of local authorities, have the power to enter premises where animals are being trained and exhibited and may request you to produce a certificate of registration. If cruelty or neglect is detected we may apply to the magistrate's courts who can prohibit or restrict the training or exhibition of the animals and suspend or cancel the registration granted under the Act.

Causing cruelty to animals during training or exhibition or failing to produce a certificate on request are offences under the Act. It is also an offence to obstruct an officer or to conceal an animal to avoid inspection.

If a business holds a licence it should be on display in a prominent position at the premises.

If you have concerns about premises operating under a licence, or if you have a complaint or would like to report a business that you're concerned is operating without a certificate you can contact the licensing team:

Email: licensing@eastriding.gov.uk

What happens if I do not apply for a performing animals registration?

If you do not hold a valid performing animals registration and train or exhibit any performing animals you are committing an offence.

The penalty for an offence under the Performing Animals 9 regulation Act 1925 is a fine not exceeding £2500 on the standard scale. 

You may also be banned from exhibiting or training performing animals.

Last Updated: Thursday, 05 April 2018